Start trading the financial markets using our exclusive method, in 10 easy-to-follow lessons.


Powerful trading method

Start reading the markets like a book and understand when to successfully execute pin-point trade entries.

10 video lessons

Around 3 hours of video lessons teaching you important trading concepts to get you on the right track to success.

Interactive activities

We'll guide you along your trading journey with practical activities and quizzes to test your knowledge.

Start using a smarter and more logical method of trading, for superior results.

This free, interactive course will teach you the foundations of The Duomo Method. In 10 easy-to-follow lessons, you'll begin understanding how to read the markets using this accurate approach, so you can precisely anticipate future price movements.

You'll learn how to execute profitable trades based on tools and concepts that are highly effective from a theoretical, logical and practical point of view.

By understanding what really moves the markets (without relying on unreliable price patterns or indicators) you will have full confidence in your system and your own ability as a trader.


"A great place to start learning about trading. It is the best free online resource, with a lot of great content! This is where I have started in 2016 in my journey... no regrets! This guy, Nicholas, I don’t know where he gets it all, but he is a continuous inspiration for all new and professional traders!"
- Ciprian V.

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An effective and efficient route to building your potential as a trader

You will accelerate your development by following our simple 3-phase plan for progressing as a trader. This is based on proven, powerful methods for efficient skill development based on the work from leading psychologists.

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Learn how to perform precise analysis for pin-point trades

You'll start to learn how to use our tools and concepts to read the markets and predict future price movements. You'll build the confidence to find accurate, high-probability trade entries.

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Simple methods to protect your capital and avoid losing money unnecessarily

We'll show you easy-to-follow methods of controlling your risk levels, so you can feel confident that you are in full control of your account balance.

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Discover an elegant theory behind the price movements in the market

You'll begin learning the elements that make up the Duomo Market Theory. This is the underlying market model that has allowed us to compile the Duomo Method, by uncovering why prices move the way they do.

"If becoming a successful trader is so important to you that you are willing to put the hours in, work hard and stay dedicated until you have the skill and the experience to compete with the professionals, then you should seriously consider Duomo Initiative."

Lanka V.
Course Member

Trade with confidence by understanding WHY, not just HOW...

Many traders focus on learning how to execute trades and nothing else. The problem is, when they encounter a situation they aren't familiar with, they drown!

Too often, trading courses teach you tools and concepts without explaining why those aspects were chosen. This means you walk away feeling unsure about what you have just learned and this will translate into poor performance in the market.

The markets are dynamic, which means if you really want long-term success you need to understand WHY you are doing things in a particular way, not just how to do it.

This is why we take a more academic style approach at The Duomo Initiative and explain to you exactly why we have chosen certain tools or concepts, and why they perform so well in the market.

By understanding the reasons behind everything that you are doing, you can operate in the markets with supreme confidence and watch your performance continue to improve.

You will start by creating a plan that allows you to learn in the most effective way, while preparing yourself for the moment that you are ready to trade with real money using a live account. We have a 3-phase plan that is proven to help traders reach their goals in the most efficient way possible.
This is the underlying market model that the Duomo Method is built upon. By understanding some of the elements of this theory, you will gain more confidence in the tools and concepts you will be using. It will also open your eyes to the beauty and elegance of the financial markets.
Tools and concepts won't be as effective without understanding the context of the market. You will learn how to start reading the structure of the markets, which will allow you to figure out the context and approach the situation appropriately. This will provide you with more of an edge with your trading.
Significant levels are the high-activity price points in the market that lead to very predictable reactions taking place. By understanding the theory behind significant levels and how to identify them, you'll have a clear advantage in the market.
The most important part of trading is managing your 'downside'. You will begin learning how to manage your risk, so you can avoid losing money unnecessarily. Good trading is not just about the profitable trades you make, but also limiting the amount you lose when things don't go your way.
You'll finish the course by learning how to put everything you've learned together, so you can already start reading the markets and placing trades while in Phase 1 of your 3-Phase plan. You will feel confident that you can start reading market situations and predict what the price may do next.

Nicholas Puri

Nicholas has been involved in the financial markets for over 10 years. During this time, he created a successful method of trading, which he further co-developed into a theoretical market model and automated trading system. Nicholas began his career working in banking in London, before co-founding PuriCassar AG with Dr. Alexander Cassar in 2012. The Duomo Initiative was then established in 2014 to provide financial education resources.

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