The comprehensive, step-by-step trading course that is certain to get you on track to becoming a consistently profitable trader, using a powerful and accurate approach for trading the financial markets.

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Our comprehensive course features around 15 hours of detailed lessons and practical chart modules.

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Adopt an intelligent method of trading that you can have full confidence in

The Duomo Method takes the complex subject of trading and breaks it down into a straight-forward, step-by-step curriculum that anyone can follow.

During the course, you will learn what makes the markets move and how we can profit from these movements. Using a powerful method of trading that can be adapted around your preferred way of working and your unique strengths.

In this unique course, we are able to make the process of learning enjoyable and engaging. While allowing you to feel confident that you're learning a robust approach to trading that really works.

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Learn accurate, high-performing analysis techniques

You'll be able to consistently pin-point high probability trade opportunities, using dependable tools and concepts... even if you have no previous experience.

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Become a focused trader and profit from your full potential

You'll develop the focused psychological strengths of a successful market operator - using simple-to-implement concepts to control your emotions and enhance your trading mindset.

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Simple methods to protect your downside and never risk your money unnecessarily

You'll learn easy-to-follow methods of controlling your risk and managing your money. You can feel confident that you are in full control of your account balance and never fall into the uncertain path of gambling.

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Optimisation processes to improve your performance each and every day

You'll incorporate methods for increasing your effectiveness and earning ability, through continuous step-by-step optimisation of your customised trading system and your own performance.

"...joined the course and I could not be happier, Nicholas and the Duomo team are the real deal, they know what they are doing... This is my last stop in learning methods, I will stick with this method and keep refining my skills."

Nuno Alves
Course Member

What’s in the course

The reason this trading method is so effective, is because it's all based on one underlying theory. This was developed in-house at PuriCassar AG over several years and now underpins everything we do in the markets.

This 'first principles' foundation means every single part of this course is elegantly interrelated and interdependent, leading to a dependable, consistent and logical system. Something you won't achieve through a hodge-podge of diffent tools online.

The course includes over 90 modules, featuring around 15 hours of video lessons and detailed supporting text modules. This is broadly split into the following 6 phases:

Shape a system that is individually customised to suit YOU, by uncovering and breaking down the way you like to work, the lifestyle you want to live and your unique strengths.
Understand what really makes the markets tick and exactly how you can profit from it; including how universal laws and human nature come together to build some powerful techniques.
The most important part of trading. You'll learn how to protect your money using easy-to-follow risk calculations. You can trade safely, knowing you won't lose money unnecessarily.
You'll be ready to confidently find precise trades in ALL market conditions. Learn a range of techniques and exclusive concepts for accurate market analysis. You finish this phase by building your own trading system.
Psychology plays a surprisingly big role in successful trading. We'll help you avoid the pitfalls and guide you towards adopting the psychological skills and mindset hacks of a successful trader.
We'll ensure this is the ONLY course you'll ever need, by teaching you how to engage in optimisation for continuous improvement. This is what really separates serious traders from amateur trading hobbyists.

"Having been involved with the Duomo Method for a while now, the reason I like it a lot is that it actually explains a lot of the market movements... this method finds the exact candle a reversal is predicted to happen for sniper like accuracy."

Christopher Portway
Course Member

Course Features...

Here's some of what you can expect from The Duomo Method online course.

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15 hours of video lessons

Engaging video lessons in the typical Duomo style; informative and enjoyable.

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Practical Examples

Follow along and see exactly how it's meant to be done with practical chart examples.

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Members Area

Premium Membership Option

Optional access to the members' area for support and a treasure trove of resources.

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Members' Forum

Premium Membership Option

Discuss the markets with other members and get feedback on your trades from the Duomo Team.

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Monthly Webinars

Premium Membership Option

Live webinars with the Duomo Team to go over live analysis, trading situations and a Q&A.

The Duomo Initiative

Premium Membership Upgrade

Upgrade to our Premium Membership as a monthly subscription to become part of our online commnity and get on-going support from our team. You will get access to the following additional features:


The Duomo Method Members' Forum

Full access to the Members' Forum. Discuss the markets with your fellow traders and receive feedback on your trades and analysis, from Nicholas and the rest of the Duomo Initiative team. This is the most effective way to fast-track your success, by receiving valuable guidance and feedback. A must for any serious traders.

The Duomo Method Members' Area

The Knowledge Hub: A searchable database of answers to all your Duomo Method related questions.
Deliberate Practice Activities: Hundreds of different activities to include in your deliberate practice sessions.
Trades and Analysis breakdowns: Exclusive videos from Nicholas, explaining his own trades and analysis.
Additional Video Content: Guides, resources and videos, exclusive for members, to enhance your development.

Monthly Live Webinars

Each webinar lasts 1-2 hours and addresses sticking points that our members have encountered that month. You will also go through live trading situations and analysis in real-time. Ask any burning questions you have with interactive Q&A during the session. Replays of all past webinars are also available.


Nicholas Puri

Nicholas has been involved in the financial markets for over 10 years. During this time, he created a successful method of trading, which he further co-developed into a theoretical market model and automated trading system. Nicholas began his career working in banking in London, before co-founding PuriCassar AG with Dr. Alexander Cassar in 2012. The Duomo Initiative was then established in 2014 to provide financial education resources.

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