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I have been a huge advocate among everyone I know for the Duomo Initiative. Everything that they produce is always fantastically prepared and takes even those who have no experience in the finance industry whatsoever into consideration. I would highly recommend their products. The Duomo Initiative provide fantastically motivational learning tools that really do inspire you to learn more and more about the subjects that they cover!

James Jacques
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The Euro: The History, Issues and Solutions

A Practical Understanding of Economics, the EMU and the EU, from the Former Deputy Governor of a Central Bank, Alfred Mifsud.

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Lessons from the Legends of Trading and Investing

Dive into the lives and careers of some of the world's most successful financial legends, with lessons from their paths that will help shape your own successful trading future.

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"I can’t recommend the Duomo [Initiative] enough. You can really see the effort and design within their teaching methods, it’s delivered perfectly for me. What ever your interests are - trading, investing or just have a curiosity in the financial markets then there’s something for everyone. With a lot, a little or no previous experience then this is for you."

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